Intel’s IT Utopia Means You Have a Voice

Imagine for a second your a large corporation and you are going to spend millions of dollars to get a well crafted message out to prospective customers, then you decide to fire the copywriters and turn the site into one big brainstorming session where people express ideas like.

<img src="" align="right" hspace='10'>

*"My ideal Utopia is when everybody is using Mac computers and finally everything works better in a Windows free world."

*"IT Utopia means that everyone can hack everyone, thereby hackers become useless. "

*"Sorry IT guys, but my idea of IT Utopia is no more IT."


Welcome to Intel's IT Utopia site. As one poster observed, "Interesting, like a faceless Twitter...". Thus this is not your typical Intel campaign. Companies like Intel spend lots of time and resources to protect and manage messages around a brand. And campaign sites are usually where marketing excersize these resources with great delight and great control.

However with the success of site's like Open Port and a growing online trend for IT customers to seek out support and information on online forums, Intel is hoping to be part of the conversational trend.

So while Intel is promoting products and techologies, I think some of the real there, there is that Intel is spending time and resources to integrate voices of the community within the campaigns.

So my advice for those who feel their voice is lost in small little corner of an IT chat room, go to and speak up.