Intel’s Secret Cybersecurity Advantage

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Intel Corporation has a secret advantage to protect itself from cyber threats; a world class Information Technology (IT) shop. The 2015-2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report showcases the depth of security, operational efficiency, and innovation to deliver robust IT services for business value.

IT is typically a thankless job, relegated to the back office, data centers, network rooms, and call-center cubicles. Although not a profit center, Intel IT has an important role in the daily business of a global technology innovation and manufacturing giant. Cybersecurity is an integral part of IT’s job to keep Intel running.

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I spent many years working within Intel IT and security operations. I can say with confidence it is one of the best IT shops in the industry.  The proof is in the report.

Intel IT has produced an annual report for many years to highlight their efforts to enable growth of the business, improve productivity of employees, manage costs, and protect the confidentiality of data and availability of critical systems.

This year is no different. Intel has a massive network and digital net-worth to protect. Intel presents a big target to attackers, both internal and external, and must defend itself with industry best practices. In many cases it is involved in the development and proof-of-concept testing with the Intel Security solutions teams to vet products and request needed capabilities in response to new threats.

Here is a quick rundown of how Intel IT security stands guard. Security supports over 100k employees in 72 countries, at 153 sites. They are charged in protecting networks, clouds, servers, storage, PC’s, tablets, phones, and all the applications connecting them.  They must protect very sensitive silicon manufacturing, assembly, and test facilities where robots, chemicals, and people are making the magic of computer chips a reality.

Every day about 13 billion events get logged in the security tools. These are critical to detect threats and attacks.  In the past year, 225 million pieces of malware were blocked from infecting Intel’s networks and computers. Keeping systems patched and squashing vulnerabilities is a huge and constant job. Over 12 million security events were addressed to close system vulnerabilities. Intel IT security systems, people, and management are vigilant and focused in their role. More importantly, they and the fellow employees they serve understand the value of their contribution, security policies, and continual awareness training. Security is a tremendously big job, but when management, employees and security professionals work as a team, incredible results are possible.

The 2015-2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report can be downloaded for free here:

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