Is It Possible to Strengthen Security and Manageability?

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The threat landscape is constantly evolving to produce new, advanced malware and viruses. When taking into account the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise, the threat landscape can seem infinitely large and incredibly difficult to protect against. When you’re dealing with a variety of devices in various locations, you need the right security in place to protect sensitive corporate data and guard against  sophisticated threats. 

Built-in Security Features

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The embedded security technologies of 4th generation Intel Core vPro processors and McAfee* mobile security solutions are designed to help you manage the key IT security concerns in an enterprise environment.

  • Threat management – The exponential growth of threats combined with the increasing number of mobile devices has increased the opportunity for attack. Keep threats out of your virtual and physical environments by guarding against malware and rootkit attacks with the right protection in place.
  • Identity and access – Traditional forms of account protection and authentication are no longer enough. Implement stronger network protection with a “no password” mobile VPN experience that simplifies password management for users, and gain support for hardware-based storage of tokens or certificates to better protect access points and reduce costs over traditional hardware token or smart card methods.
  • Added Protection Graphic.pngData protection – Protecting sensitive corporate data
is more complex than ever before, and traditional encryption technologies can have a significant impact on system performance. Deploy faster encryption methods, including automatic full-disk encryption, that work quietly in the background without interrupting users. You can also protect data around the clock with built-in antitheft technology that can automatically disable the device locally if it’s been hacked, or remotely after it’s been reported as lost or stolen.
  • Device monitoring and remediation – Stay one step ahead of threats with built-in remote monitoring and
remediation capabilities. IT staff can access and manage
any device, in any location, and resolve issues through all states of operation, including reboot. You can also work proactively by pushing security updates to users before a breach occurs; and you can diagnose, isolate, and repair infected clients after a breach takes place

Robust Remote Management Capabilities

Employees can work from any location without interruption, thanks to the remote management capabilities of Intel vPro technology. IT can have full control to manage any device, whether it’s connected to the network, powered off, lost, or stolen. You can track and manage thousands of devices with update, disable, wipe, or restore capabilities using McAfee ePO* Deep Command together with Intel Active Management Technology. And with “always-available” access to system information, you can:

  • Remotely check wired and wireless PCs, regardless of power state.
  • Write asset data into protected memory, including hardware asset data and software version information.
  • Identify and remediate noncompliant PCs to meet corporate governance requirements. 

Performance to Speed Productivity

4th generation Intel Core vPro processors deliver powerful performance that is designed to keep up with the way users work.

For example, Ultrabook devices can run business productivity applications and multitask up to four times faster than four-year- old systems. This means users can easily move from e-mail to a web browser, to a video or spreadsheet, and back again—and they can do it all with the convenience of a longer battery life.

Using mobile devices based on the 4th generation Intel Core vPro processor, your employees can:

  • Wake devices in a flash, and quickly access data that stays continuously up-to-date.
  • Save time by using location-based services to find the nearest printer or conference room, while IT can easily locate assets onsite.
  • Share data wirelessly and more securely to a conference room TV or projector.
  • Work with integrated graphics performance capabilities that are 20 times better.
  • Get the information they need to complete the task at hand with a more responsive and secure virtual experience.

Discover how mobile devices based on 4th generation Intel® CoreTM vProTM processors are designed to meet the security and manageability requirements of your business, with the performance, style, and form factors that your users demand. Read the full whitepaper here.

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