IT Accelerating Business Innovation Through Product Design

For the Product Development IT team within Intel IT that I am a part of, these have been our recent mandates. We’ve been tasked with accelerating the development of Intel’s key System on Chip (SoC) platforms. We’ve been asked to be a key enabler of Intel’s growing software and services business. And we’ve been recognized as a model for employee engagement and cross-functional collaboration.

Much of this is new.

We’ve always provided the technology resources that facilitate the creation of world-class products and services. But the measures of success have changed. Availability and uptime are no longer enough. Today, it’s all about acceleration and transformation.

Accelerating at the Speed of Business

In many ways, we have become a gas pedal for Intel product development. We are helping our engineers design and deliver products to market faster than ever before. We are bringing globally distributed teams closer together with better communication and collaboration capabilities. And we are introducing new techniques and tools that are transforming the very nature of product design.

Dan McKeon, Vice President of Intel IT and General Manager of Silicon, Software and Services Group at Intel, recently wrote about the ways we are accelerating and transforming product design in the Intel IT Business Review.

The IT Product Development team, under Dan’s leadership, has enthusiastically embraced this new role. It allows us to be both a high-value partner and a consultant for the design teams we support at Intel. We now have a much better understanding of their goals, their pain points, and their critical paths to success—down to each job and workload. And we’ve aligned our efforts and priorities accordingly.

The results have been clear. We’ve successfully shaved weeks and months off of high-priority design cycles. And we continue to align with development teams to further accelerate and transform their design and delivery processes. Our goal in 2014 is to accelerate the Intel SoC design group’s development schedule by 12 weeks or more. We are sharing our best practices as we go, so please keep in touch.

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