Improve IT Efficiency and User Experience with Accelerated PC Delivery

You’ve heard me say it before – I like technology. And I get really excited about technology when it improves both IT efficiency and the user experience at the same time. Therefore, our recent deployment of a new PC delivery process has been a source of delight for me.

If you’ve worked at a company of any size at all, you’re probably familiar with the dread that comes with getting a new PC. First, you have to take your old PC to the IT department (which is open only during normal office hours – what if you’re working swing shift?). Then you have to wait several hours for an IT technician to configure a new PC – and then you have to redo all your personalization settings, reinstall a bunch of apps, and so on – it can actually take a couple of days before you feel really comfortable with and productive on your new PC!

Some companies, recognizing the inefficiencies associated with this process, have turned a model whereby the OEM pre-installs an OS image and uses direct delivery to ship the PC from the OEM to the user. While this model may work well for others, it did not meet Intel IT’s agility, security, and flexibility needs. Instead, we have developed a method whereby Intel employees can now get a new PC any time of the day or night, and within an hour have a fully configured and personalized PC with all the standard IT-supported apps installed.

Intel's Smart Lockers help improve IT efficiency
Intel "smart" locker

“How is that possible?” you might ask. Our solution combines several elements to accelerate PC deployment. We use “smart” lockers that give users 24/7 access to their new PC, combined with a simple, security-enabled self-setup process and cloud-based services to create a seamless user workspace that follows a user from one device to another.

Both users and IT staff benefit from the solution:

  • Users can choose when to pick up their new PC, when to configure it, and when to turn in their old PC (within a seven-day period). Plus, they can perform self-setup using either a wired or a wireless network connection.
  • There are fewer IT touch points in the PC delivery process, which, according to our estimates, can lower IT expenses by as much as 30 percent.

Intel's new PC deployment process improved IT efficiency and reduced costs by 30 percent.

We have also integrated prediction algorithms into our process so that the locker inventory decisions are informed by historical PC failure data.

To learn more about how Intel has transformed the PC delivery process to improve IT efficiency and increase user productivity and satisfaction, read the IT@Intel White Paper, “Easy Self-Setup Accelerates PC Deployment and Reduces Downtime.”

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