IT Peer Network to Launch Verified Expert Program

You may have heard the common phrase: "Content is King".  If that's true, credibility is the crown. 

VerifiedExpertAd.jpgThe IT Peer Network is set to launch the Verified Expert Program, which is an initiative designed to highlight and showcase experts within the community.  Identifying members who are true thought-leaders and influencers will give added recognition to expert participants.  Think Twitter's Verified Users or LinkedIn's Influencers.

There is certainly something about having an official title that boosts credibility.  Upon LinkedIn’s campaign to assign the title of “influencer” to leaders of several industries, the company has seen significant popularity with the program.  Since launching a little over a year ago, there are now over 300 influencers, who receive an average of 30k views.

According to a recent article published on LinkedIn by fellow influencer, Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of HubSpot, there are significant advantages to the program. Shah explains that posts on his personal blog usually average “5,000-10,000 views” – and if a specific article is popular and shared across social media, “that number can spike to 50,000+ views.”  While these viewing metrics are nothing to scoff at, he goes on to describe the major jump he has seen with LinkedIn.  Under the title of “Influencer”, Shah has posted “30 posts” with an “average number of views of… 123,000” per post.  Thank you credibility.  How’s that for tipping your crown?

Some of the perks that IT Peer Network will offer to verified experts include:

  • Title of “IT Expert” on profile picture and avatar
  • Added editorial support (formatting, editing, proxy publishing, etc.)
  • Social amplification (promoted on Intel IT Center social channels)
  • Posts featured on the “Community Spotlight”
  • Nomination for a monthly spot on the “Meet the Experts” section

Not to mention, the envy of your peers and professional contacts.

Unique to the Verified Expert Program is that it is open to all members.  While specific qualifications must be met, any IT Peer Network enthusiast can become a Verified Expert.  A transparent document detailing what it takes to earn this title will be published and released later in 2015. 

Sneak peaks to some of the requirements for Verified Expert considerations:

  • Be a member
  • Have a profile picture
  • Include relevant information on profile
  • Be an active blogger
  • Write regularly about hot topics
  • Follow blogging best practices

While best practices alone can promote blogger credibility the IT Peer Network aims to put the icing on the cake with official acknowledgment through the Verified Expert Program. 

After all, what’s a king or queen without a crown?

To learn more about the IT Peer Network Verified Expert Program, connect with us on Twitter for updates. 

You can also check out the IT Peer Network regularly and be on the lookout for the official release of the transparent document in late January 2015.