IT Perspective – Client Aware Cloud

First of all Client Aware Cloud is something that is still emerging and here in Intel IT we are investigating ways to leverage what is available and helping to shape what is coming. So disclaimers up front - this is mostly an emerging area where technologies are changing and emerging.

One way to view Client Aware Cloud is simply where the cloud services that we use are able to discern the capabilities of the end point device or client and then leverage those capabilities either to offload processing and/or to produce a better experience for the consumer of the service. For example you may have a virtual desktop that runs on a server and you want to watch a training video from your end point device. Depending on what end point your using your experience can vary greatly. There is software that will determine if your end point device is capable of the high end graphics to render the video on the end point instead of on the server - if it is capable the video is rendered on the device and your video watching experience is far better than if you were watching a video that is being rendered on the server which may be busy with other workloads or just have lousy video rendering capabilties.

Obviously this results in a better experience for the consumer but it also means that the service provider, internal to your company or not, can offload workloads from the server to the end point which helps in overall performance.

This also means that the end point device you're using is important - one that is capable of rendering the video in the format desired will be a much better experience than one that is not capable of rendering it. This comes in to play when comparing thin clients to more "rich" clients such as Intel® Core™ i5 processor based systems.

This is a direction that we see as growing more and more as end point devices become more capable and as cloud services become more popular. It allows the cloud service provider to create very robust services knowing that the experience will be better for their customers and will help them manage their own computing resources....

Although it does take some changes in the way the web services are created and some changes in the way devices expose their capabilities. All part of becoming more context aware.

what do you think?

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