IT Sustainability – Energy Use in the Office Proof of Concept Ends

After almost of year of planning, design, redesign, and re-planning, the Energy Use in the Office PoC ends today.

Unfortunately, the results were not what we expected as overall energy usage actually increased over the course of the PoC.  There have been several studies showing that Awareness typically leads to voluntary action resulting in 10%-15% energy savings.  While most of these studies have been focused on energy use in the home, we thought that based on the small PoC we did last year we might see similar results in the enterprise.  It would appear that the same motivational factors one finds in the home, i.e. the home owner having to pay the bill from the energy utility, are not at play in the work environment - at least not generally.

That said, we did learn a lot throughout the PoC and we have uncovered some additional areas we will dig deeper into.  For example, the base load of energy use on each of the floors included in the study is much higher than we expected and not entirely accountable for.  We’ll be conducting a detail analysis of one floors energy use to better understand the energy consumers.

I’ll be publishing an internal paper in a few weeks and will investigate opportunities to publish externally later this year.

-Mike Breton
IT Technology Evangelist