IT Sustainability – Energy Use in the Office Proof of Concept Starts, again!

In my late April post, I announced the start of our Energy Use in the Office proof of concept.  We had deployed a third party tool that collects PC energy usage information to about 1000 systems in one of our office buildings and had begun a 30 day baseline period.  Unfortunately, we ran in to some technical issues and had to uninstall the agent and redesign the PoC a bit.

I’m happy to announce the PoC was restarted again this Monday!

In the new design, two kiosks displays have been installed in one of our office buildings that display energy use in the office charts in total and by floor.  Each floor also has a kWh per employee score.  The charts are displayed in an hourly view for the current day as well as a daily view for the past two weeks.  Pre-PoC Baselines are also provided for both the total and floor kWh charts and kWH per employee score.

It’s too early to share any potential change in energy use with you but I can tell you people are looking at the screens.  Stay tuned for another update with some initial results in a couple of weeks.

By the way, I hope to release an external paper fully covering the project and results in early Q3.

-Mike Breton

IT Technology Evangelist