IT Sustainability – Energy Use in the Office Proof of Concept Status Update

A few weeks ago, I told you our Energy Use in the Office Proof of Concept had finally started.  It’s been almost three weeks so I thought I’d give you a quick status update.

As a quick overview, the PoC includes all employees in a single office building across three floors.  It’s about 1000 people.  Physical electrical metering was installed on each floor covering only office power.  An internally developed web based user interface displays energy use via charts in total and by floor.  Each floor also has a kWh per employee score.  The charts are displayed in an hourly view for the current day as well as a daily view for the past two weeks.  Pre-PoC Baselines are also provided for both the total and floor kWh charts and kWH per employee score.  This interface also displays a different energy savings tip every 30 seconds.  This interface is displayed in the building’s lobby and café on 37” LCD screens.  An email announcing and explaining PoC, as well as listing several energy saving tips and tricks, was emailed to all participants.

Unfortunately, the results so far have not been what we were expecting, which was a reduction of energy use.  One floor’s energy use remains the same and the other two of the floors have actually increased their energy use.  We are sending a status update email to all PoC participants today and hope this reminder will spur voluntary action that results in energy savings.

I’ll provide another update in a couple of weeks as we wrap up the PoC.

By the way, I hope to release an external paper fully covering the project and results in early Q3.

-Mike Breton
IT Technology Evangelist