IT Transformation – Harder Than We Think – For Many Reasons

I'm hearing these terms more and more regularly in meetings with other IT peers as well as in online forums: "IT Transformation", "Service Transformation"

Are these terms simply buzz words to stimulate conversation or are they driving real IT behavior and real business value.

I believe these terms are driving a new way of thinking about the role of IT and the strategic partnership IT has with the businesses we support.

John Palinkas, a technology consultant with CastlePoint, makes an interesting point about do we really understand what IT Transformation means.  He makes an interesting and important point that if we don't understand the concept, we can't achieve the benefits. It is critical that before embarking on an IT transformation project or journey, know what your goals are and understand the scope of change that may be required.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Kim Stevenson, GM and VP of Global Services at Intel IT, about this subject and we were able to capture her on camera relating to her views of IT Transformation and Business Value.  The three things I found most interesting were:

  1. The focus has to be on the business services and value IT Transformation can bring.
  2. Takes Time ... a multi-year investment roadmap is required
  3. Transformation needs to occur at both the infrastructure and application layer

As Kim mentions, IT Transformation is not an option ... the rate and pace of business is requiring a new approach as our legacy IT environments are likely not up to the challenge.

Are you on an IT Transformation journey?

  • If yes, tell us why and what you are doing?
  • If not, why not?