IT@Intel Executive Insights: Intel IT’s Cloud Computing Strategy

In this IT@Intel Executive Insights on Intel IT’s Cloud Computing Strategy, we share how cloud computing is affecting our overall data center strategy.  Like many of our enterprise IT peers, Cloud Computing is a key area of innovation for Intel and one of Intel IT's top 3 objectives this year.  Cloud Computing is changing the way we inside Intel IT look at our architecture: from the client technology our employees will use to access business services and data to the data center infrastructure necessary to support those services.  We are adopting cloud computing as part of our data center strategy to provide cost-effective, highly agile back-end services that boost both employee and business productivity.

The IT@Intel Executive Insights provide a short 2 page summary that shares the insights and steps taken by the Intel IT team on core topics.

  • Page 1 provides a short overview of the topic and a summary of the key considerations that the Intel IT organization used while developing our strategy.
  • Page 2 provides summaries and links to supporting content for our IT peers to learn more from Intel IT generated white papers, videos, blogs and more.