IT@Intel: High-Performance Computing for Silicon Design

Designing Intel® microprocessors is extremely compute intensive. Tapeout is a final step in silicon design and its computation demand is growing exponentially for each generation of silicon process technology. Intel IT adopted high-performance computing (HPC) to address this very large computational scale and realized significant improvements in computing performance, reliability, and cost. We treated the HPC environment as a holistic computing capability—ensuring all key components were well designed, integrated, and operationally balanced with no bottlenecks. We designed our HPC model to scale to meet future needs, with HPC generations aligned with successive generations of Intel® processor technology.

The success of the HPC environment was due to factors such as careful alignment of technology with business needs, informed risk taking, and disciplined execution. We are continuing to develop the next HPC generations to enable tapeout of successive generations of Intel processors. Read more about our success with HPC in the white paper "High Performance Computing for Silicon Design"