IT@Intel: Intel IT Xeon E7 Launch Resources

In support of the Intel Xeon E7 processor launch April 5th, Intel IT developed several pieces of content that capture our assessment of the new Xeon E7 processor.  Intel IT’s key findings include:

  • Our Intel IT Datacenter Center strategy is on track to deliver $650M of value by 2014 – large driver is adopting the latest generation Intel Xeon processors, including the new E7.
  • The results of our E7 testing show up to a 35% performance improvement over prior generation Intel Xeon 7500 and
  • We also see up to a 7.81x improvement over the 4S dual-core Xeon 7100 servers (~4 yrs old and targeted to be refreshed).
  • We continue to use 4-socket Intel Xeon-based servers for specialized design, ERP, and mission critical workloads that demand more CPUs, memory, drives and multiple network connections.

Read our latest whitepaper and watch our latest video to learn more:

  • Whitepaper – “Accelerating Silicon Design with Intel Xeon E7 Series – link
  • Video – Results of Intel IT’s testing of Westmere EX / Value of 4S – video

Additionally, our popular Xeon Server Refresh tool and the Intel® Server Sizing Tool are updated with the latest E7 and E3 skus.