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New Year’s Day 2015

As I sat watching the Rose Bowl (not that I am a big follower of college football, I’m more of a pro football/college basketball kind of fan), but it is an annual keyboard-2-482675-m.jpgtradition to watch the Pac 10 battle the Big 10, oh, wait, someone already screwed up THAT tradition. Oh, well, it’s not like IU ever played it in anyway. Anyway, as Oregon began to dominate (ok, right after the National Anthem), I thought it would be interesting to look back over my tweets of 2014 and see what insights into IT were captured by what I had shared. I was struck by the breadth of knowledge, experience, and subjects that had been covered. I could not think of a better place to share some of these posts than on Intel’s IT Peer Network. Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.png

A couple of things before we dive in. First, many (but certainly not all) of these posts came via the Top 100 CIOs to Follow on Twitter by Vala Afshar. If you are not following these folks and you are in IT, you should be! Second, to further set the stage think back to the start of 2014 by checking out the projected trends for the year in Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 from Gartner.

So without any further ado, and in no particular order...

Traditional vs. Digital CIOs: Survey Reveals a Growing Divide

IT’s Losing Battle Against Cloud Adoption

5 Lessons for CIOs in the Age of Cloud

Coaching for Corporate Creatives

The Cloud-fueled Disruption of Business Analytics

The Four Personas of the Next-Generation CIO

The Consumer Revolution of Enterprise Computing

How Gamification Drives Business Objectives

3 Ways Emerging Technologies are Changing the Way CIOs Do Business

What is Your Company’s Vision and Why Should You Care?

New IT Challenge: Balancing Agility and Discipline

IT has Finally Cracked the C-Suite

Can Big Data be the Next Big Economic Indicator?

CIOs Must Learn to Dance with other C-Suite Executives

IDC Chief Research Officer: CIOs Must Embrace The Third Platform

IT Spend is Growing but CIOs Just Don’t Get It

The Time to Think about Middlemen is Before there is Only One

The Strategic CIO: Are You and Your Team Ready

What is Mobile Business Intelligence?

2014 - The Year the CIO and CMO Partnership Became Mission Critical

That last post is from Isaac Sacolick, as I created my original list, I had over a half dozen posts from Isaac. If you follow one blog in 2015 you would do well to follow Isaac’s Social, Agile and Transformation...(ok, in addition to this one (“The CIO is Dead, Long Live the CIO”), Rivers of Thought and my LinkedIn blog).

So that week between the Playoffs and the Super Bowl, when there is nothing else to do except watch the thermometer drop;  why not spend some time clicking through these blog posts? Trust me, you will come away with more than one nugget for 2015!

Have a great 2015! Be sure and drop me a line with how things are going in your IT Department with the Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2015.


Jeffrey Ton is the SVP of Corporate Connectivity and Chief Information Officer for Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, providing vision and leadership in the continued development and implementation of the enterprise-wide information technology and marketing portfolios, including applications, information & data management, infrastructure, security and telecommunications.

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Throughout his career in business, Jeffrey Ton has developed and fine tuned his leadership skills to become a business focused leader who drives results. Extending the role of the CIO to encompass a strategic view of the business, he identifies innovative approaches to achieve the business objectives by leveraging technology where and when appropriate. Adept at building and leading teams, both in-line and cross-organizational, he has been a catalyst for change across the businesses he has served. Ton has industry expertise in information technology, non-profits, commercial real estate development, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, supply chain, green/clean technologies, finance, insurance and consulting. Expertise: • Strategic Planning – Business & Technology • Organization & Management Reengineering • Merger & Acquisition Integration • Divestiture Decoupling • Business & IT Alignment • Enterprise Architecture Strategy • C-level Relationships • International Staff Management & Acquisition • Global Enterprise Implementations • Fiscal Management • Governance & Risk Management • Business Process Optimization • Vendor Relationship Management • Outsourcing(Offshore/Near-shore) & In-sourcing • Technology Portfolio Management • Regulatory and Compliance Management • P&L Management Specialties: Architecture, infrastructure, applications, application development, telecom, e-Business strategy, web development, knowledge management, integration, EDI, SAP, business intelligence, outsourcing, insourcing, contract negotiation, commercial real estate development, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, supply chain, green/clean technologies, finance, insurance and consulting, keynote speaker on leadership, green and other topics, LEED AP BD+C. Read his blog on, Intel's IT Peer Network and LinkedIn.