Join me at the Intel IT Center Experts Tour in Folsom CA on June 13th 2013

Fellow security professionals, come join me at the Intel IT Center Experts tour in Folsom CA, June 13th 2013.  I will be one of the many speakers discussing challenges and experiences gained by Intel's IT organization.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and share insights. 

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Folsom Event Details:

June 13th 2013 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Intel Corporation
1900 Prairie City Road Building FM-7
Folsom, CA 95630

Folsom Tour Event Topics:

  The Future of Enterprise IT – Enabling New Uses, Trends and Technologies
     Presented by one of Intel IT’s Client Technology Evangelists
     IT organizations must define and drive the right balance between their
     employees’ expectations and their companies' business objectives, and then
     look for opportunities to implement solutions that address tomorrow's
     needs as well as today's challenges. What are the new disruptive
     technologies or mobility trends that IT needs to prepare for? How does
     security need to change to meet the needs of the new IT world? How are
     generational culture changes impacting the IT organization's response to
     IT consumerization? And finally what are the skill sets your IT shop
     should be focusing on moving forward? Models like BYOD and COPE are addressed
     as well as infrastructure impacts.

  Intel IT Cloud Journey and Overview
     Presented by one of Intel IT’s Cloud Enterprise Architects
     Cloud technologies are moving at a rapid pace. Enterprises are wrestling
     with private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud solutions. The need for high
     levels of customizability, flexibility, and agility will drive many
     enterprises to the public cloud. The foundation for this vision will be
     defined by an open approach that delivers best of breed technologies +
     flexibility + choice from data center to client. This session will cover
     the cutting edge cloud progress that Intel has made internally within our
     own IT organization as well as what to expect in 2013.

  Cybersecurity Briefing: Trends, Solutions and Opportunities
     Presented by one of Intel’s Enterprise Technologists
     Inadequate security remains the number-one concern about cloud computing.
     Find out what Intel is doing now to manage information security and risk,
     learn the rationale behind Intel’s 2011 acquisition of McAfee Inc., and
     discover the new opportunities this collaboration brings your company.

  Deploying Microsoft Windows* 8 in the Enterprise
     Presented by one of Intel IT’s Business Client Product Line Managers

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