Latest Intel News from the Lustre User Group Conference

This week at LUG 2016 in Portland, Oregon, some exciting announcements happened with our partners, which expand the consumption options for Lustre users.

The Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre* Software is now available on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre Software on Azure is a scalable, parallel file system designed as the working file system for HPC or other IO intensive workloads.  Built for use with the virtualized compute instances available from Microsoft Azure scalable cloud infrastructure, it is designed for dynamic, pay-as-you-go applications. Using the streamlined simple-click Azure Marketplace UI, users can easily set up multi-node Lustre clusters.  Intel CE for Azure maximizes storage performance, offers scalability and optimizes return-on-investment by adding, removing, or reconfiguring Azure resources to match mixed workloads and budgets.  This Microsoft blog post highlights the benefits Azure delivers for Lustre users, provides step-by-step best practice deployment instructions, and shows how to mount and use this high performance shared filesystem from Linux client nodes.

We may have seen that earlier this week Seagate Technology plc announced it will incorporate Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software into its ClusterStor™ storage architecture for HPC. The move will strengthen and provide customers with added choice of Lustre parallel file systems to help drive advancements in the HPC and Big Data market. Through this new collaboration, Seagate will now adopt Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software as its baseline Lustre distribution, bringing together the capabilities of the two leading Lustre distributions, development and support teams. The Lustre community, in turn, will benefit from two leading corporations collaborating to further advance the Lustre community roadmap.

Another announcement at LUG was the HPE Apollo 4520, a dual-node system with high performance fabrics and drive failover, specifically designed to support Lustre implementations. In turn, customers who are looking to accelerate innovation have the choice to implement either an HPE supported Lustre solution, based on the Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software or Open Source Lustre with community support. Through HPE's contributions to the Lustre community as well as tight integration with Open ZFS and Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre software, the Apollo 4520 solution delivers outstanding resiliency and flexibility to meet customers' most demanding requirements. The Apollo 4520 was made possible by Intel’s HPC alliance with HPE. It is one milestone on the road to address customer’s most complex needs through the Intel Scalable System Framework.