Launch event coverage… my views

I've had an opportunity to attend a few launch events for the Intel Xeon Processor 7500 Series products and wanted to share a little of my perspective.  I also took a few pictures along the way that you might appreciate.


First up was the San Francisco, March 30th main event.  Kirk Skaugen is the keynote speaker, with a rather innovative stage that made it appear as though the images and charts floated in 3D:


We had numerous vendors in the room showing their products and available to talk with customers, press, and analysts.  That last part was the most impressive for me.  Having Dell, IBM, HP, NEC, SGI, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Unisys, Cray, Oracle, Supermicro and a few others in the room to show off systems was amazing.  I talked with representatives from most of these companies and all were excited to be showing off not only their systems, but to talk about how well these systems performed.  Many of them had excellent innovations in their specific designs, which made it clear that there are a lot of options for all levels of computing need.

Here are several of the big iron systems and racks on display in San Francisco:


IMG_2263.JPG IMG_2262.JPG IMG_2254.JPG

A little side note... the venue for the SF event was at the Bentley Reserve, a former California Federal Reserve Bank.  They allowed us to go check out the safe downstairs, and here is a peak at Kirk listening in on the description as we look through the several feet thick doorway:


Next up is New York launch event at The Roosevelt Hotel on April 6th.  This event had a different feel to it.  Several software companies (Microsoft, VMWare, Red Hat, Novell/SuSE and others) as well as a few server vendors were there (IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu, NEC and others).

The presentations were not quite as 'animated', but they were certainly compelling.  In particular, a guest speaker (Juan Enriquez - a Harvard Fellow) was talking about medical research and how we are breaking through with computing now, but the next great technological 'wave' is in the genetic code and we need to stay afloat and not let the Financial Crisis of late, deter us from moving forward.


Here's a vew of the presentation room and the mass of people ready to listen in on the presentations:


Next up is the event in Ottawa, Canada on April 8th held at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier.


I've found that a good portion of the value derived from these events, is in the networking activity.  People contacting with people in the same business, supporting businesses, or simply getting to know what each other are doing.  Here are some pictures of various conversations going on in the room.

Group_Chatting.JPG Dell_Chatting.JPG Chatting1.JPG

Here is Shannon Poulin (Xeon Marketing - our keynote speaker) chatting with a few people.


I took some video from this event in Ottawa and will edit that up and post shortly.  That will give you an idea of the presentations and the content being discussed.

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes peak at Intel Xeon launch events.  There are many people involved in bringing these events to life, and this view is only just a glimpse at the result.

Thanks for joining us and enjoy your new Intel Xeon processors.  They are awesome.