Learn How Intel IT is Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications and Upgrading our Network Architecture to 10GbE

I am very pleased to announce two new compelling IT@Intel white papers that further demonstrate Intel IT industry leadership in cloud computing, virtualization, and data center network architecture. 

Virtualizing Mission-Critical Applications

In 2010, Intel IT more than tripled the number of virtualized servers in our Office and Enterprise environment from 12% to 42%.  To create the infrastructure for a private enterprise cloud, Intel IT has a goal of virtualizing up to 75 percent of our office and enterprise computing environments.  To achieve this, Intel IT will need to virtualize mission-critical applications, which is challenging due to rigorous performance, availability, and other requirements.  Learn how Intel IT is overcoming these challenges and how we plan to virtualize the first of many mission-critical applications in 2011 as part of our cloud environment.

Upgrading Data Center Network Architecture to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Data center trends like server virtualization and consolidation along with rapid growth in design computing has put a strain on Intel’s network.  While high-performance Intel processors and clustering technologies are rapidly improving server performance, the network has become the limiting factor in supporting faster throughput.  Learn how Intel IT upgraded our data center network architecture to 10GbE to accommodate these increasing demands.

I'd love to hear from you on what you think of the papers or if you have any questions.