Lenovo RD650 scaled to fit with Intel P3700 and NVMe SSD

Lenovo built a truly scalable, storage tiered, two socket Intel Xeon E5 based system in the new Lenovo ThinkServer RD650. Lenovo also offers both of our Intel families of Data Center SSD, namely SATA and PCIe-based NVMe SSD drives, powered with the ultra efficient NVMe driver stack . Principled Technologies tested SQL Server 2014 analytics converging multiple virtual machines onto a single RD650 using Hyper-V virtualization demonstrating the performance advantages of each technology.


At Intel we have a calculator and took the rack system list prices of all three systems and divided by the performance quotient for database queries used in the testing. This quotient is something you can learn more about when you look into the white paper.  The TCO results on a Cost for Performance basis are quite interesting - especially SATA SSD to PCIe SSD. It’s important to realize processors that are made busier more quickly with PCIe SSD is an amazing story, and not just for the user experience and query times, but for the amount of work you can actually get done on a few inches of rack space.

System Type Legacy SATA SSD NVMe SSD
Cost for Performance $29.29 $25.42 $11.39

Please take a look at the full paper here or price yourself a more capable server today:



Please take a look at the full TCO analysis document: