Little Burgers, Big Business – An Intel® Small Business Profile

The Intel Small Business Series focuses on Small Business owners and how they are reacting to the demands and opportunities presented by emergent technology.


Katie Poppe is the owner and co-founder of a suite of popular restaurants in Portland, OR. In the past four years she has opened 14 restaurants throughout Portland. Her eateries are sophisticated takes on comfort food and include: Boxer Ramen, Blue Star Donuts, Little Big Burger, and most recently, a gourmet fried chicken spot called Son of a Biscuit. With a growing portfolio of restaurants, Poppe and her business partner Micah Camden need a sophisticated way to stay on top of marketing, accounting, and human resources across the businesses.

Not only does Poppe help manage all the businesses, she also does double duty as social media marketer and ad-hoc CIO.

“Our tech priorities right now are keeping pace with SEO and social media trends, and developing a mobile-friendly online ordering platform that works seamlessly with the rest of the business. Thanks to social media, we haven’t spent a dime on advertising in four years.”

While they have yet to implement a comprehensive online ordering mechanism, Poppe is keeping her eye on out-of-the-box solutions that they could integrate throughout their restaurants.

Many restaurants have begun utilizing tablets for point-of-sale (POS) purposes, Poppe hasn’t found a platform she’s ready to commit to yet.

bluestar.png“I don’t feel like tablet POS [solutions] are reliable yet. We need something that can also handle other aspects of the business like managing time cards. If something comes along with improved reporting capabilities, we might consider it,” Poppe said.

While cloud software from a vendor may ultimately provide Poppe a comprehensive feature set that integrates marketing, accounting, inventory, scheduling, and more, another option could be a custom private cloud solution. And though upgrading POS infrastructure to still-maturing technology may seem like a costly expenditure with inherent risk, many market-leading POS devices have evolved from mere cash registers. These machines are getting increasingly more sophisticated and offer everything from inventory control to enhanced marketing capabilities.

Scalable, Mobile, Fast – Small Business Solutions That Work

Small business owners juggle dozens of tasks on a daily basis and need tools that help them multitask and work at a fast pace. Performing the duties of a CEO, CMO, CIO, and CFO all rolled into one can be a daunting proposition. Thankfully, small business owners like Poppe are finding more and more relief in portable devices and apps to get them through their busy days. The Intel® Business App Portfolio, a suite of top business apps, is helping small business owners like Katie create and share business documents and even jump into a video conference — all while on the go.

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