Looking for an Internship with Intel?

Hi all,

We in the vPro Expert Center are looking for folks that would like to do an internship with Intel over the fall session. We have posted a job @ www.intel.com/jobs Search for requisition # 559370.

Here's the brief description:

The internship is based in Folsom, CA or Hillsboro, OR, and would be focused on social media related to the Intel social media sites on http://communities.intel.com/. In this position, you will primarily focus around the following areas blog radio show, the Emerging Compute Model Forum, the vPro Expert Center, and the Server Room. A successful internship would involve regular participate in the community blog sites, creating content and collateral for the various communities, and deeply engaged with the radio show. We would expect a successful intern to be able to grasp the details of where Intel is going with the technologies covered by the community sites, and communicate the direction to the outside world.

If you have questions email me, blog me, twitter me, etc..