Looking for the right cloud technology? Look for the new Intel badge.

In conversations with enterprise customers, a common theme has emerged: cloud performance has been hard to measure consistently because of platform variability and hardware abstraction. Cloud providers often use multiple generations of server platforms for the same service, which can result in significant variations in performance, security capabilities and even cost depending on the workload.

As many organizations have learned, the underlying technology can make a big difference. CPU performance and capabilities matter — impacting service delivery. The same can be said for security—lack of transparency of platform capabilities can make a big difference in the security of your data and applications.

Today, Intel is making it easier for cloud service customers to know what they are paying for in terms of performance and security, and making it easier for cloud service providers (CSPs) to communicate their differentiated offerings. These are among the benefits of the new “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” badge.

The badge makes it easy to identify public cloud services and instances that are based on Intel CPUs. When you see the badge on a consumer screen or a CSP’s list of cloud services, you will know at a glance that the service is based on Intel technology. After that, the next step is to drill down into the service offerings to find the specific cloud technology available and ensure that is right sized for the performance and security needs of each workload in the cloud.

How can transparency of the underlying infrastructure help end users make more informed and better cloud service purchasing decisions?  Let’s look at a customer example.  AtomicFiction (creator of 3D special effects for movies such as “Star Trek: Into Darkness") found that they could render their workload in 1/10th the time on high performance/high memory instances from Amazon* vs lower end instances.  They spent the same amount of money, but dramatically increased the turnaround time for their artists which had a direct impact to business productivity. By being able to see the capabilities of the instance and match to the unique needs of a workload, users can optimally select cloud instances to maximize ROI.

Already, leading service providers such as Amazon*, Rackspace*, Savvis*, Atos/Canopy* plus 12 others globally are exposing the processor performance and capabilities of their cloud services and making it easy to find these services with the Intel brand logo on their websites. This step forward lets you know that the benefits of Intel performance, quality and security are available via the company’s web services.

The bottom line? In the days ahead it’s going to be much easier to identify cloud services that offer the performance and trust that comes with Intel Cloud Technology. Just look for the “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” badge—your assurance that a specific service or instance is based entirely on Intel processors.

For a full look at Cloud Service Providers that plan to use the badge, visit our Powered by Intel Cloud Technology site.