Managing IoT Devices and Data Securely for Better Insights

Imagine a busy day on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil rig workers are going about their daily tasks when an alarm sounds. Sensors have detected dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide, a toxic, corrosive gas, in an area of the rig. An evacuation of the area is conducted, but a headcount shows that two workers are missing. How might an IoT devices solution help supervisors quickly aid potentially injured workers while reducing the risk to rescue teams?

IoT sensors can provide a wealth of data from diverse locations, but gaining actionable insights from the data, not to mention managing thousands of IoT devices, can be challenging. The Intel® IoT Gateway running SAP Dynamic Edge Processing* from SAP Leonardo Edge*, combined with Wind River Helix Device Cloud*, can help overcome these challenges and enable new use cases, such as quickly helping injured workers on an oil rig.

Enable Real-Time Decision-Making with SAP & Intel

SAP Dynamic Edge Processing, running on an Intel IoT Gateway, can help organizations gain new insights from the data being generated by IoT devices. This solution provides local storage, processing, and decision-making capabilities on the Intel IoT Gateway itself. Instead of transmitting data across WANs to offsite data centers, IoT devices can send their data to a local Intel IoT Gateway. Custom applications can then use the SAP Dynamic Edge Processing API to provide real-time decision-making capabilities. In the case of our missing oil rig workers, a solution might consist of each worker wearing an IoT sensor that transmits whether the worker is standing, running, prone, or unmoving. During the evacuation, supervisors using an SAP-enabled application running on the Intel IoT Gateway can monitor the position of each worker. If a worker is in an unmoving or prone position, supervisors can immediately deploy rescue teams. The injured workers benefit from a faster response time while the rescue teams benefit from not being deployed false alarms.

Manage IoT Devices at the Edge with Wind River

Wind River Helix Device Cloud helps solve the problem of managing IoT devices across a wide range of environments. This cloud-based platform helps IT administrators manage IoT devices and the Intel IoT Gateway throughout their entire lifecycles. Need to quickly patch a security flaw in an IoT sensor on the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico? What about deploying an Intel IoT Gateway to a remote location without any IT administrators? Device Cloud has you covered. Once plugged into the network, an Intel IoT Gateway will connect to Device Cloud for deployment instructions. Once configured, the gateway can then provide edge processing and IoT device-management capabilities.

Read our recent white paper, “Bring Order to Internet of Things Chaos,” to find out more about how Intel, SAP, and Wind River can help keep IoT devices secure while providing local decision-making capabilities where the action is. And be sure to follow me, @TimIntel, and my growing #TechTim community on Twitter.