Maximum Web Browsing Through Minimal Devices

With the global number of mobile devices in use expected to surpass the population of the planet this year, it's no surprise that optimizing web content and browser platforms is of utmost importance for this new wave of computing. As the way we consume content on the web changes, it's been increasingly difficult for web developers to evolve web standards for mobile viewing. Responsive design and mobile-friendly sites have become a popular way to mitigate many of the limitations smartphones and tablets face when confronted with a particularly media-heavy website. These alternative web experiences often strip down much of the rich media experience of a desktop-optimized web page, leaving mobile sites usable, but missing much of their rich media.

Advances in mobile technology are starting to provide a much richer native web browsing experience without switching to mobile versions of a site, but some devices are handling the mobile web much more efficiently than others.

Big Trouble In Little Devices

A recent test by Principled Technologies looked at the web browsing capabilities of several popular tablets. Devices used in the test included the Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Chromebook 2, and Microsoft Surface Pro 2. The test focused on how the devices and browsers handled things like layout, device detection, touch interaction, and audio/video playback.


Surprisingly, many of the devices had difficulty with the full functionality of most popular websites. Problems with video and audio playback, pinch zooming, and menu interaction topped the list of issues many of the devices faced when browsing popular sites. Of the devices tested, the Intel-powered Microsoft Surface Pro 2 outperformed the group in several key areas, including video playback, pinch zooming, and menu interaction. 82% of the sites visited on the Surface Pro 2 experienced no functionality issues at all. The Surface Pro 2 also experienced up to 84.6% fewer issues overall than the competition.

A Better Mobile Experience

When buying a new device, it’s important to familiarize yourself with its functionality. Knowing limitations ahead of time can help you maximize your investment and deliver the experience you deserve. Like most people, you probably want your devices to be able to handle regular web browsing without running into frustrating issues that render features unusable. If you’re looking for a device that accelerates productivity and won’t limit your web browsing experience, the numbers don’t lie: the Intel-powered Microsoft Surface Pro 2 offers full internet functionality in a tablet-sized package.

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