Meeting Intel IT Community Members at IDF

Intel Developer Conference is coming fast on Sep 13. A few Intel IT members of this community will speak at IDF this year discussing hot topics in the IT industry and sharing how we use technology to create business value inside Intel. If you are attending the IDF next week, you are welcome to meet with them at the following sessions.

  • javascript:;, Intel’s CIO, will be joined by several of her peers from Thomson Reuters, Genentech Informatics, Motorola and Walt Disney Studios in a CIO Panel discussing current and future trends ranging from IT consumerization, cloud computing, business intelligence (BI), security and more (SPCS002)
  • Gregg Wyant, Intel IT CTO and Dr John Pormann from Duke University will discuss the increasing challenge of large data management, data proliferation, and efficient information processing including 3D content, context awareness and more (INTS001)
  • javascript:; and javascript:; will discuss Intel’s Cloud Computing strategy, investment roadmap and share our perspective on key requirements for hardware and software developers (DCCS004)
  • javascript:; from Intel IT joins other technologists from software vendor Citrix XenDesktop, systems integrator CompuCom Systems in a panel focused on using client virtualization to create business value  (PROP001)
  • javascript:; and javascript:; join Intel NSG to discuss Intel® SSD and share Intel's total cost of ownership model as a means to quantify the benefit of using SSDs in the enterprise (SSDS005)
  • Cindy Pickering and Ed Jimison discuss IT consumerization, a core industry trend where employees want IT to support personal devices in the enterprise (INTS002)

You can find the schedule of these sessions and plan your IDF attendance using the IDF Forum Planner. Enjoy your IDF!