Microsoft Azure Stack Delivers Hybrid Cloud Platform Optimized for Intel Architecture

Last year we announced Intel’s investment in Windows Server 2016 through our Cloud for All initiative, our goal was to help Microsoft optimize Windows Server 2016 capabilities on the Intel platform and empower enterprises to go faster. After months of collaboration, we are excited today to support the launch of Microsoft Azure Stack, a truly hybrid cloud platform.

Hybrid clouds have a common operating environment for both on-premise and off-premise infrastructure, allowing near-seamless placement and management of workloads based on their specific business requirements. For some workloads, the flexibility and pay-as-you-go economics make a public cloud provider the best solution. On the other hand, security or regulatory requirements may lead to on-premise infrastructure. Microsoft’s new hybrid cloud solution enables enterprises to expand Azure services across on-premise and off-premise data centers, essentially providing a uniform cloud environment wherever the workload needs to run. It’s an authentic hybrid cloud platform that will bring all the benefits of cloud while ensuring high performance and security for business-critical applications. It provides a continuous stream of innovation and gives developers and IT the ability to quickly address business needs.

Intel and Microsoft Collaboration

Intel and Microsoft collaborated to optimize Windows Server and Storage Spaces Direct for Intel Xeon processor technologies and our Intel Datacenter SSDs. For example, we collaborated to tune and optimized Hyper-V performance, storage performance detailing and sizing, and enhanced security features. Microsoft Azure Stack is built on top of Windows Server 2016 software, scaling the optimizations into Microsoft Azure Stack. IT leaders can be confident they are getting the most out of Microsoft Azure Stack running on the Intel Xeon processor-based platforms.

This release of Microsoft Azure Stack will ship as an integrated system combining Microsoft software, Intel-optimized hardware, and support and services in one hybrid cloud platform. These integrated systems are designed to deliver consistent Azure innovation and world-class performance in a predictable, reliable, and non-disruptive manner.

Together, Intel and Microsoft have a long-standing commitment to advance the hybrid cloud model and help enterprises future-proof their businesses. We will continue to partner to tune Microsoft Azure Stack for our next generation hardware and push the hybrid model forward. To learn more about our shared vision for accelerating widespread cloud adoption, go to