MKB Bank Tightens the Vaults with Intel® vPro™ Technology

itc_cs_mktbank_vpro_carousel_preview.jpgFor Europe’s MKB Bank, fail-safe disaster recovery systems are essential to protect its own and its customers’ valuable data. The bank implemented Intel® vPro™ technology to provide remote management of its disaster recovery clients, and then decided to roll the technology out across its entire desktop PC and laptop fleet in its Hungarian operations.

The bank uses Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) to optimize remote management, maintenance, repair, and hardware and software inventory. Intel vPro technology and Intel AMT provide comprehensive security for both desktop PCs and laptops including quarantine functions that protect the network by filtering data traffic.

“If systems are breached or customers can’t contact the bank, the damage can only be calculated in the aftermath,” explained Istvan Elek, head of IT operations for MKB Bank. “But now we can ensure this does not happen thanks to Intel vPro technology.”

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