Mobile World Congress Highlights – Day Four

It’s hard to believe that these last four days of Mobile World Congress 2014 have flown by so quickly. As we begin to pack our bags, we’re looking back at some of the top moments during day four of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Infrastructure and Service Transformation

For the final day of MWC 14, Intel hosted another panel on the Infrastructure and Service Transformation series. Francisco Javier Ramón Salguero, the Head of Network Virtualization Labs for Telefónica sat down for an Intel spotlight presentation on customer perspectives.

Attendees learned about Telefónica’s Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Salguero highlighted how CPE could help achieve home simplification with incredible digital services that also make networks more efficient. The great presentation capped off with Telefónica emphasizing their partnership with Intel as they navigate the complexity of ecosystems together. Telefonica.jpg

Transforming Mobile Health

The final Intel spotlight panel of the day focused on the transformation of mobile health. Healthcare is one of the many industries that mobile innovation has left its mark on. The Intel booth hosted Katia Galvane Luiz from eHealth Products in Brazil, Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia from the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, and Jaume Raventos, of Telefonica.

The three panelists gave us a glimpse into how Intel-powered products have helped hospitals around the world. They spoke about how adoption of these trends was hard for hospital employees at first, but in the end, it helped streamline processes for all.

If you would like to see how tablets have helped make a healthy change for the Shanghai Longhua Hospital, click here.

Tom’s Hardware – Best of MWC 2014

MWC was the first to hear the introduction of the Intel XMM 7260 platform with competitive LTE-Advanced features and performance. Since Monday, the XMM 7260 gained recognition and praise by winning Tom’s Hardware’s Best of MWC 2014 award!

Read more from Tom’s Hardware about the state of the art platform here.

MWC is an event we look forward to every year, and 2014 was nothing short of incredible. If you had the opportunity to be at the event, what were your top event highlights? How do you see mobile transforming over the next year?

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