Mobility — Taking BI Beyond the Boardroom

Business Intelligence (BI) has long empowered enterprise decision makers by providing a data-driven framework for making fast, informed decisions. With the development of advanced analytics, BI is now better and more essential to the enterprise than ever before. Revolutionary new cloud services handle computations of large data sets with ease and fast, portable devices allow easy remote access to just about anything; business intelligence has fully evolved into the mobile realm.

According to Kaan Turnali, Global Sr. Director, BI, SAP, “mobile BI is more prevalent and more relevant today because the gap between the experience of traditional BI content consumed on a desktop PC and that accessed on a mobile device is disappearing rapidly.”

With new studies showing that 55 percent of business intelligence users engage in self-service business intelligence tasks, it’s clear that BI has transcended its executives-only shackles and transformed into a much more utilitarian tool to be leveraged by contributors throughout the enterprise.

Seamless BI Access

Reliance on visual representations of data have become commonplace throughout the enterprise. Every business unit from supply chain to marketing has a dashboard for their analytics and increasingly need unfettered access to this information. This means undisrupted mobile access to BI information is critical. As strong as your BI strategy might be, it all comes down to how easily your team can access crucial dashboards.

SSg---Intel-and-IBM-Image-5 (1).png

A recent Prowess Consulting study examined how popular mobile devices stacked up when accessing features of IBM’s market-leading Cognos BI platform. The study compared the performance of a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga, Lenovo Miix 2, Apple iPad Air, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 when running IBM Cognos reports.

Advanced Features

While the iPad and Galaxy Note were able to access the limited mobile app version of Cognos, the Lenovo devices offered full-featured access to Cognos Workspace Advanced, which allows users to create custom reports rather than accessing existing reporting tools. Not only did the Lenovo devices with an Intel architecture offer a deeper feature set, the devices featuring an Intel Xeon processor E7 v2 family coupled with IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration offered 148x better performance than previous generations.

The Right Devices For Decision Makers

BI is only as valuable as the people using it to advance the business and the devices they use to access this information. Organizations that take their BI seriously should take device speed and compatibility seriously because devices don’t make business decisions — the people who use them people do.

Read the full study to learn about IBM Cognos and mobile Intel-powered devices optimized for business intelligence.