Mobility Week: Mobile Technology Takes Nursing into the Heart of the Community

The impact of technology on healthcare is significantly enhancing the connection between the homecare nurse and patient. From reviewing prescription data to real-time conversations with remote clinical specialists, technology such as the Ultrabook™ 2 in 1 for Healthcare allows nurses to provide hospital-quality care to patients in the home.

Patients feel a greater connection with their homecare nurse and become more informed about their condition. And a more educated patient is one that takes more responsibility for their health and care, thus reducing the level of resource required to manage the individual.

For a homecare nurse, powerful mobile technology brings a wealth of patient data to the fingertips at a time and place when they need it. Through a combination of anytime-anywhere access to data & medical experience and knowledge, nurses are able to take their highly valued expertise into the heart of the community.

As population growth slows and population ageing accelerates across the European Union there will be increased demands on healthcare systems. Solutions which enable frontline care providers to do their job more efficiently and effectively will be embraced across the healthcare spectrum.

Check out the video above to see how a homecare nurse and patient in Sweden are benefiting from connected healthcare in the community.