Monitoring and Remediation – Your Last Line of Defense

In the discussion of enterprise computing tools, employees have the last word: they want to work on the devices they know and love from their lives outside the office. IT departments and information security professional must adapt and evolve along with the new, mobile workplace. The old physical IT help desk model is no longer realistic, as IT must be as flexible and responsive as the devices they're supporting.

With the comprehensive remote monitoring and remediation capabilities of Intel Core vPro processors, you can gain greater control and simplify security management for all users, regardless of location. Powerful remote support tools let you stay one step ahead of critical security threats with the ability to push updates to any device at any time. And remote remediation tools make it easier to diagnose and fix mobile PCs, whether it’s to identify a minor problem or manage a security breach.

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Remote Control of Any Device

With Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), you can access and control any device and resolve issues through all states of operation, including reboot. You can remotely track and manage thousands of devices to update, disable, lock, wipe, or restore using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator* (McAfee ePO) Deep Command software together with Intel AMT. McAfee ePO Deep Command is an extension of McAfee’s leading endpoint security management tools.

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With these technologies, you can proactively manage threats by pushing security updates to users before a breach occurs, or diagnose, isolate, and repair infected clients. The best part is you can do all 
this with minimal impact to the user. If you have a mobile user that can’t log on, you can reboot and manage their device remotely. “Invisible” remediation tools let you resolve the problem while the user continues to work without interruption.

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