Moody’s Invests in a Scalable Infrastructure

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Moody.jpgThe credit ratings, research, and risk analysis provides by Moody’s Investors Service play a crucial role in helping investors navigate the quickly changing waters of financial markets. To improve the efficiency and scalability of the infrastructure used for mission-critical ratings and analysis applications, the IT group decided to migrate workloads from proprietary to Linux* environments running on Intel® Xeon® processors. By adopting Intel Xeon processors and open-source products, the company is achieving better performance, gaining more cost-effective scalability, and reducing costs.

“There has been much greater innovation among x86 platform vendors and in the open-source community than among proprietary platform vendors,” explained Brian Clark, CTO of Moody’s. “It was clear that we could achieve better price/performance and scalability by moving to a Linux environment running on Intel Xeon processors.”

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