Moving Digital Signage Beyond the Sign

Many people think of a digital sign as an extension of the traditional printed sign. I don’t want to understate the advantages of the digital sign in this realm (digital menu boards increase sales, after all). But signage can be about so much more than just a flashy billboard. Screens are all around us, and outside-the-box thinking needs to happen or signs become one more thing that fades into the periphery.

Luckily, we at Intel have devoted a lot of time and thought to figuring out how the digital sign can be more than just another screen and empower customers during the retail experience.

Adidas Intel virtual footwear wallShowcasing Endless Inventory

Keeping shoes in every size and every color is not a realistic option for many retail stores. Inventory management alone would take up enormous amounts of employee time and company resources.

Intel-powered technology helped Adidas address this problem with the Virtual Footwear Wall. A large interactive screen allows users to cycle through thousands of shoe options to find the perfect match. With data from a device like this, retailers can figure out which shoes are trending so they can stock the right products. Anonymous viewer analytics can recognize the gender of the shopper and show relevant options. Omnichannel integration helps in-store associates personalize selling better than ever before and encourages sales cross-platform.

Upgrading the Dining Experience

Kodisoft Interactive Restaurant Technology powered by the Intel NUC takes signage into an unconventional realm: the dinner table.

Kodisoft created an interactive table with the familiar features of a tablet. Customers are treated to an interactive menu showcasing images of food integrated with social media. Patrons can not only see what the restaurant is offering, they can also see photos of the food other customers have taken. The table engages with diners and increases the dollar amount of orders with a rich graphical experience that can be remotely managed by an employee.

While the restaurant is preparing food, customers can play games on the table, which has multi-touch support and extreme durability. Further enhancing the experience, repeat customers receive information about previous orders, all delivered through their table.

Making Money from Waste

Produce and other perishable goods are a ticking time bomb for retailers: they’ve paid for the product and if it doesn’t sell, it gets thrown away (sometimes even with a steep discount). Employing digital signage in the form of smart shelf labels can allow a grocer to improve profits by as much as four percent! The investment in digital signage doesn’t just have to list price changes — it can also be used to cross-sell and promote multi-buy options.

Visual analytics can help retailers understand customer traffic patterns at a particular store; when combined with a real-time knowledge of inventory and sales data, a grocery system can dynamically adjust prices, allowing the retailer to sell their customers the freshest-possible produce at the most profitable price.


What’s in the Future of Signage?

Digital signage is only limited by the imagination behind it. If you’re curious about the future of the digital sign and want to see more, Intel is hosting two workshops at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2016.

One panel is devoted to the future of the digital sign and will feature experts from Grassfish, Stino, and Telelogos, highlighting innovative solutions their customers have built. The second panel is for those who might be questioning the cost of digital signage and shares with participants how Intel vPro technology can sustain a digital signage solution without breaking the bank. You can find registration information here. Space is limited, so sign up now! Hope to see you there!


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