Multiple Alarms Feature

Hello, I am trying to remotely configure 150ish PC's with multiple AMT Alarms.  I can see from this webpage that AMT 8.0 and later supports the Multiple Alarm Feature, and all of our machines are 8.1 or newer.  I have successfully created individual alarms on multiple machines at once using the Intel vPro PowerShell GUI.  (Very hand tool BTW.)  I assume however that the tool was built before the ability to have multiple alarms as the option to set them does not exist in the GUI.  When I run a Get-Help command on Set-AMTAlarmclock I don't see a reference to the "ElementName" filed mentioned in the link above that appears to identify the individual alarms.

I'm fairly new to AMT and PowerShell and would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

I apologize if this is not the correct Forum, I couldn't find another that was more relevant.  I realize this is not related to Intel SCS.

Thank you for your time,