My Week at Oracle Open World Informed – Amused, and Exhausted

Places to go, people to see, things to do!

If Oracle Open World didn’t provide at least 3-4 enticing options for each and every waking hour, then it either failed to deliver, or you shouldn’t have  attended.  For the first time ever, Oracle streamed all of the keynotes live on YouTube. If you are intrigued by any of my comments, feel free look for Oracle Open World 2011 to experience the messages and entertainment first hand. Most, if not all partners were also posting items.

Larry Ellison opened Sunday night with a very hardware centric pitch. He reviewed the Exadata and Exalogic systems and announced the new Exalytics box.  Based on four Intel Xeon E7-4800s (10 cores each for a total of 40 cores) with 1TB of memory, the Oracle Exalytics BI machine features optimized versions of Oracle BI Foundation Suite (Oracle BI  Foundation) and the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics.

It constitutes the third leg in the stool, connecting to Exadata and/or Exalogic  via Infiniband. The query responsiveness (real time analytics) and scalability provided the latest example of “hardware and software engineered to work  together". After extolling the virtues of open commodity hardware married with  optimized software and techniques like data compression (whilst teaching us that 10x10=100), Larry then suavely transitioned to the Sparc T4 SuperCluster and announced his intention to go head to head with IBM Power in Database performance. The SuperCluster also uses 48 Intel Xeon “Westmeres” for storage processing, so some portion of its performance comes from Xeon!  The next morning saw Thomas Kurian announce  the Oracle Big Data Appliance Oracle’s embrace of Hadoop and a new NoSQL database to process your unstructured data prior to loading the results into one of the Exa boxes.

Tuesday provided an opportunity for Kirk Skaugen to deliver Intel’s Keynote on Cloud Vision 2015: the Road to 15 Billion Connected Devices. Kirk covered Intel’s role as a  trusted advisor to the Open Data Center Alliance, and our vision for open clouds that were federated, automated and client aware. These clouds would  support intelligent connected devices ranging from sensors, to cell phones, Ultrabooks, Smart signs and automobiles. Kirk also reviewed Intel’s refresh of  the Xeon server product line including the Xeon E3 and  E7 and the shipping, and soon to be announced Xeon E5  (Sandybridge) products. Kirk's slides are posted on Slideshare and his full presentation is available on the Oracle Open World page.

Larry’s Wednesday keynote was totally software focused, and introduced the new Oracle Public Cloud. Oracle’s new Public Cloud offers Fusion Middleware and Applications both in a platform as a service or an appliance as a service  configuration. He also announced and demoed the Oracle Social Network (can a movie be far behind?). The keynote allowed him a forum for his continuing  feud with Marc Benioff and, who he might actually dislike as much as some of his other competitors. Catch the video if you’d like to hear  the “roach motel” comments!  It's never dull when Larry is on stage!