New HP and Intel Alliance to Optimize HPC Workload Performance for Targeted Industries

HP and Intel are again joining forces to develop and deliver industry-specific solutions with targeted workload optimization and deep domain expertise to meet the unique needs of High Performance Computing (HPC) customers. These solutions will leverage Intel’s HPC scalable system framework and HP’s solution framework for HPC to take HPC mainstream.

HP systems innovation augments Intel’s chip capabilities with end-to-end systems integration, density optimization and energy efficiency built into each HP Apollo platform.  HP’s solution framework for HPC optimizes workload performance for targeted vertical industries.  HP offers clients Solutions Reference Architectures that deliver the ability to process, analyze and manage data while addressing the complex requirements across a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Financial Services and Life Sciences.  With HP HPC solutions customers can address their need for HPC innovation with an infrastructure that delivers the right Compute for the right workload at the right economics…every time!

In addition to combining Intel’s HPC scalable system framework with HP solutions framework for HPC   to develop HPC optimized solutions, the HPC Alliance goes a step further, by introducing a new Center of Excellence (CoE) specifically designed to spur customer innovation.  This CoE effectively combines deep vertical industry expertise and technological understanding with the appropriate tools, services and support. This approach makes it simple and easy for our customers to drive innovation with HPC. This service is open to all HPC customers from academia to industry.

Today, in Grenoble, France, customers have access to HP and Intel engineers at the HP and Intel Solutions Center.  Clients can conduct a Proof of Concept using the latest in HP and Intel technologies.  Furthermore, HP and Intel engineers stand ready to help customers modernize their codes to take advantage of new technologies….resulting in faster performance, improved efficiencies, and ultimately better business outcomes.

HP and Intel will make the HPC Alliance announcement at ISC'15 in Frankfurt, Germany July 12-16, 2015. To learn more, visit and search ‘high performance computing’.