New Intel Xeon E7 family launches – Bringing Improved Power management Capability!

Yesterday Intel launched new processors in the E7 family. Along with the performance, security, and reliability features of this new family, we’ve also introduced capability which manages platform power for greater energy efficiency.

For the mission critical computing segment the key market requirements are performance, reliability, and security.  The top workloads for this segment include mission critical and high volume database transaction processing applications. The newly launched E7 processors (previously code named Westmere-EX) and server platform is designed to achieve exceptional performance and memory scalability using buffered memory architecture.

However, large memory can consume a lot of power in this new generation  we have substantially enhanced the  memory power management technologies. These capabilities have been shown to reduce the idle power of the platforms by over 120 Watts (based on Intel measurements on a model system configuration). This reduction can translate to hundreds of dollars over the useful life of the server, depending on the usage.

We understand that customer‘s first requirements for the E7 segment are the great performance, reliability, and security our platforms deliver. However, Intel is also committed to going the extra mile to make our servers as energy efficient as possible. The new E7 family is a great example of that commitment.