New Server ROI Calculator Coming

If you like the Intel Server ROI Calculator, here is a good news for you! A new and improved version is coming soon!

Intel IT continued our 4 year server refresh cycle in 2009 despite the challenging economic environment. With that, We have avoided a cost of US$12M in 2009 (read more in our new javascript:;). The learnings from Intel IT has been captured in this Intel server ROI Calculator so we can share with our peers in other IT organizations.

Here are some great new features in the coming version:

  • Ability to run the tool in both online and offline mode
  • Support for heterogeneous server environment; up to 5 server configurations can be modeled/evaluated at the same time
  • More responsive side-by-side modeling so you can see results immediately while making changes
  • More intuitive virtualization modeling that allows for adjustment of virtual machine density

Here is the teaser for the new version! Stay tuned!