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The NexterDay North conference brought together great keynote speakers who talked about Technology Innovation, the Magic of Emotion, and Trust in Business to attendees from nearly 50 countries and a wide variety of industries, with a notable presence from major telecom providers who collectively serve over a billion customers.  These important themes resonated with the audience and set the tone for a conference covering a wide breadth of fresh topics and disruptive thinking.  Security was an underlying premise as speakers discussed the future of digital services and how to delight customers.  Security was expressed as foundational fundamental, necessary for success.  The messages of innovation, emotion, and trust are all heavily intertwined as we look into the growing challenges and opportunities of digital technology.

Greg Williams, from WIRED magazine, provided a dizzying collage of new technologies and the rapid growth of the digital world.  Patrick Dixon, a noted futurist and speaker with boundless energy, talked about how the greatest determining factor of success for digital services is if they can evoke the right emotions in users.  Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman of Nokia Corp, showcased how trust is the single-most crucial aspect in leading people and companies.

I had the pleasure of presenting a Future of Cybersecurity ImpactTalk to the audience. The rapid rise in sophistication of threats has improved their methods, leading to attacks which are growing in effectiveness and scope.  Cooperation among attackers is outpacing what any individual security provider can match.  With the relentless expansion, integration, and reliance of new technology, the cumulative long-term impacts of cyber threats are not easily measured or understood.  I did give hope as collaboration among security organizations is emerging and experts are beginning to comprehend the systemic problems which affect worldwide businesses, governments, and individuals.  The problem is much more significant than previously thought.  In parallel to the risks of rising cyber threats, the expectations of consumers and enterprises are also increasing, placing ever greater demands on security.  The infusion of technology in IoT, transportation, telecommunications, retail, and banking brings incredible change, opportunities, and ultimately risks.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming a recognized prerequisite for success in technology.  To compensate for the acceleration of risks, organizations must recognize how they are viewed by attackers, have proper security leadership, and infuse trust in their products and services.  The challenges and opportunities are similarly exciting, but without strategic insights and leadership, attackers will outpace defenders. 

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