Not your mother’s open source – Not your grandpa’s cloud security

In the past 15 years open source software has gone from a novelty, to a solid test & dev environment, to an engine that runs large deployment of critical workloads in many enterprises. Today Citrix announced the open sourcing of their latest version of XenServer. Citrix is open sourcing what is essentially an enterprise quality body of work. So the community around XenServer can continue to innovate around an innovative and high quality set of functionality!

This is really exciting to us at Intel because it enables us to work with Citrix on technologies that are either not ready for public exposure, or are very complex and require tight collaboration, and then provide it to the broader open source community to continue to improve and develop.

Take for example cloud security. We keep hearing from our commercial customers that “security” is one of the big reasons they aren’t using cloud at a greater rate. It turns out that loss of control of physical assets is a root cause. So we started an initiative called “Trusted Compute Pools”.

The idea is to measure the “trust” status of infrastructure elements and integrate that attribute in IT management. Using this approach can help ensure that important workloads are controlled to run on trusted infrastructure. It’s like putting your money in a safe rather than in a wicker box in a stranger’s living room…

To do that, we use Intel® TXT as a root of trust, and an attestation server to provide assurance of the trust status. The trust status can be consumed by management applications to use when making workload scheduling decisions, logging trust status of the infrastructure that workloads are running on, and help ensure compliance and generate audit reports in a cloud environment. Support for all of this is forthcoming in Citrix products, as a result of our collaborations. The open sourcing of XenServer makes it available for the open source community to use and extend!

Congratulations to Citrix and to its open source community for this news!

What would do with these kinds of capabilities?

Iddo is responsible for data center solutions and ecosystem development at Intel. He focuses on private/hybrid cloud, virtualization technologies, and security. Iddo also has a rich background in networking technologies and manageability. While Iddo originally hails from Israel, he now lives in Portland, Oregon.