Notes from IGT2009 Cloud Summit

    I've attended IGT2009 Cloud Summit last week. There were 50 speakers, few panels and several workshops.
    Ric Telford from IBM has made an interesting note about Cloud Scale Economics, which supports our findings regarding higher TCO with external cloud (see my previous post). He has mentioned that even if an Enterprise is somewhat less efficient than the cloud provider, the comparison is still made of its own internal cost with their price, which includes provider's interest. If our compute capacity is comparable to the cloud vendor's one, and we are efficient enough - we may always prefer internal infrastructure to the external one.
    Still, appearance of such public cloud solutions, such as Amazon Web Services and others, with clear price model, certainly becomes great benchmark for the internal IT shops in various companies, and results in increased focus on internal efficiency.
    Other talks from Sun, NYSE, Amazon, Microsoft and many others were also interesting. I liked the statement made by Liam Lynch, eBay Chief Security Strategist:  "Cloud is overhyped in the short term,  but is under hyped in the long term".
     Another interesting idea was a comparison of commonly used platforms of today (Windows/Linux/...), with the ones of tomorrow (MS Azure/AWS/GoogleApps). Who is going to be the dominant one?

Do you think cloud concepts' proliferation will change our life in 10 years?  How?

Till the next post,

    Gregory Touretsky