Nurses, Health IT and Workflow

As technology vendors, inventors and financial advisors look at the validity of future product development, investments and scalability workflow comes into play.  Some questions that are asked are, “how can this technology fit into today’s healthcare?” and “how does it scale?” A key question is, “how will this fit into the clinical workflow?”

Often, nurses are vital components of that workflow. Their feedback is invaluable on assessing the effectiveness of the idea/product. How will this fit in or improve the clinical workflow? Will this improve patient care? How will this impact the patient?  Will the nurse be less inclined to make a clinical error with the influence of this technology?  All important questions that nurses can help answer.

As a nurse practitioner, I have focused my efforts on influencing technology advancement because I feel strongly that without the “voice of the nurse,” technology advancements would move much slower.  To have your voice heard on technology topics and discussions, please visit this collaborative website by Intel and Microsoft  and see what nurses are talking about.