Obtaining Intel AMT User Consent though a PowerShell script

So I wanted to use PowerShell to manage a vPro client which was provisioned through host based configuration. Looks like I need to get user consent. Lucky for me there are user consent cmdlets in the Intel vPro Module for PowerShell.

First, check if user consent is needed: Type

Get-AMTUserConsent <computer name/ip> -credential <your credentials>

check user consent.png

In this case, user consent is not necessary – to help determine why I checked the Intel AMT version with:


no need for user consent.png

This client is AMT version 4.2 – and since user consent was added in AMT 6.0, I need to go find a newer client!

Let us try again with a newer client:




  get user consent.png

Great! The system now can be managed with Intel AMT.