One Stop Shop for Answers to Your Cloud Security Questions

As a person that has spent the bulk of my career in planning, strategy and marketing roles in technology company headquarters locations, I’ve always enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to get out and speak to customers.  I always find it immensely useful to get the opportunity to really engage folks to understand their real challenges, discuss potential solutions and get real feedback on our technologies and messages in order to make our solutions better and as a result make the customers’ work lives better.  I recently had several such opportunities at VMworld in Las Vegas.  There was one opportunity that I found particularly enriching—as it offered multiple benefits.  I was fortunate to moderate a panel discussion where we brought together a number of security experts from several Intel business units and McAfee to discuss cloud security.

The format was a brief introduction to set context and scope, followed by each of our panel experts—Steve Orrin from the Intel, Kim Singletary from McAfee, Aric Keck from the Intel and Ned Smith from Intel — took ~5 minutes to discuss their view of the market and the key technologies and use models that most excite them.  As a security enthusiast myself, it was great to just absorb some of that knowledge and perspective.  But then came the next benefit and really the icing on the cake—we had 30 minutes to open the floor to the audience for them to customize the discussion to make it really address their issues and concerns.  For me, this is where the rubber hits the road.  Apparently, I was not alone as we had lines of folks coming to the microphones to ask questions and really engage our experts until we finally had to close the session as we ran out of time before the audience ran out of questions!

I know our experts enjoyed the dialog, and the audience members that passed in the halls or lingered to talk with the speakers even as we were being semi-forcibly cleared from the room to make way for the next session.  Even when we weren’t discussing Intel technologies specifically, the context such discussions provide for everyone is really enriching.

For this reason, I was very pleased when Kathy Browning and the team organizing the Intel presence at VMworld Europe in Copenhagen offered to organize a similar panel at that event. As great as it is to get customer feedback and perspective, it is equally vital to get as broad a perspective as we can, so gaining this opportunity to engage with European participants is a boon.  Hopefully they get the same benefit that their US counterparts experienced.  Iddo Kadim from Intel will moderate the session in Copenhagen and we were again fortunate to secure the participation of experts with broad experiences from across Intel and McAfee.  Marco Righini from Enterprise Solutions, Thomas Maxeiner from McAfee, Andreas Carlson from Nordic Edge and Rob Kypriotakis from Datacenter Solutions Group will join Iddo in the same format discussion.

I hope Iddo and the team get the rich interaction we experienced in Las Vegas.  I hope that the audience takes this opportunity to get their questions answered and really customize the discussion to their interests and concerns. I’d encourage anyone that has the ability to visit VMworld in Copenhagen to take the opportunity to participate, engage and enrich us all with their shared perspective.  The session is titled “Client to Cloud Security Panel: Enhancing Protection at All Layers” and is session number SPO3979 in the event guide. It is on Wednesday October 19, 2011 in Hall B5-M2.