Open Port Launches

Intel launches Open Port today, a site dedicated to direct communication between Intel's product & technology experts and IT community. Community Managers Josh Hilliker, Laurie Buczek and I explain what this site is about in this video.

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Here's a what you will find in Open Port

Intel® vProTM Expert Center:

The Intel VPro Expert Center will focus on the needs of IT professionals with the goal of providing information and best practices about Intel® vProTM processor technology. Users can share information with an array of Intel's client management experts, key industry players, and community members.


Stay informed with the latest updates in technology. With a focus on technically detailed blogs, discussions and resources from Intel’s own IT department, IT@Intel is a place to get the inside scoop on what is up and coming. In addition to this, community participation includes access to Intel’s best practices across a wide range of topics ranging from security, mobility, client management, data centers, to innovation & leadership.

General Community Zone

Users can visit the general community to access a wide array of content ranging from member's personal blogs, member generated discussions, as well as information on Intel's key technologies. This area further aims to provide an area for users to interact even if their question/topic does not specifically relate to another sub-community.

Product Reviews

User generated reviews integrated within new product pages on Users can read the latest user comments at the bottom of the page, submit their own comments, or browse the full discussion at Open Port.

Gateway to Premier IT Membership

Open Port is a part of the value added Intel Premier IT Professional member program. Visitors to the community have the option to register for program events or opt in to Premier IT membership. Once registered, they will get access to exclusive expert materials, event presentations, e-newsletters and the highly acclaimed Premier IT magazine.

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