OpenStack: A Unique Value Proposition for Flexibility and Affordability

Rob.pngWe're in the midst of an explosion in data volumes and computing requirements, and even faster growth is on the way. Analysts have estimated that there will be as many as 50 billion intelligent machines and sensors connected to the Internet by 2020, increasing global data center traffic by nearly 300 percent.

The good news is that cloud computing offers a way to handle the growth without overwhelming IT budgets. Hybrid clouds allow enterprises of all sizes to combine on-premise private clouds with public cloud resources to utilize the efficiency and flexibility of automated IT service delivery and resource orchestration.

One of the fastest growing private and hybrid cloud architectures are based on OpenStack, an open source software-based modular architecture backed by a broad ecosystem of contributors and vendors. It provides a path forward to organizations that prefer the flexibility, choice and economic models of an open sourced-based solution.

OpenStack, now celebrating it's 5th birthday, is backed by a thriving community of more than 18,500 members from 463 companies, and more than 1,300 active contributors. It has been deployed by more than 1,200 businesses and organizations and has demonstrated the value it can provide in today's modern data centers.

One of the hallmark practices of the the OpenStack community, is a twice a year event (OpenStack Summit) to allow the community to share information and best practices for deploying and managing OpenStack-based clouds. This week, May 18-22, approximately 6,000 cloud architects, developers and technology leaders are meeting in Vancouver to hear and learn firsthand from their peers and the leading OpenStack developers and experts.

As cloud computing becomes the dominant paradigm for IT service delivery, OpenStack offers a unique value proposition: a flexible, open, and affordable cloud platform that is supported by a robust ecosystem. Whether you run an enterprise data center, a public cloud, or a telecommunications network, OpenStack on Intel architecture can help you achieve the efficiencies of a hybrid cloud without limiting your future options.

For more information, read the Intel OpenStack white paper: "An Open, Trusted Platform for your Private Cloud"