Optimize Healthcare IT Infrastructures

Healthcare organizations are optimizing infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Running InterSystems Caché on software-defined storage using VMware Virtual SAN™ and the Intel® SSD Data Center Family for PCIe delivers high performance with significant savings. Typical savings of 30 to 40 percent versus SAN have already driven over 7000 VMware vSAN customers to make vSAN one of the fastest selling storage solutions in history.

InterSystems, Intel, and VMware partnered to test the performance of InterSystems Healthcare Platform using the Caché 2015.2 database. The goal of this joint testing was to quantify database performance at scale and prove production Caché systems can be run on a modern Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). The results were very compelling, proving linear scalability at reduced cost, while maintaining consistent and predictable performance.

Additional benefits for Caché customers include:

  • Lower risk: Using VMware vSAN supports a pay-as-you-grow model. Simply add (or remove) vSAN-ready nodes as your storage needs change.
  • Increased Flexibility: vSAN-ready nodes support any virtual machine workload, providing both the compute and storage resources. Instead of needing a dedicated storage array, repurpose vSAN-ready nodes as desired. Elimination of complex SAN configurations increases systems agility.
  • Performance: 30,000 IOPS with < than 0.7 ms latency = better app performance
  • Scalability: Linear scalability of workloads, across both a single database instance and in a scale-out scenario across multiple application servers

The findings confirm that the Healthcare industry can deliver incredible performance, simplified architecture, greater reliability, easier scale, and lower cost by leveraging the combined solutions of InterSystems, VMware, and Intel.

Join us at HIMSS, Tuesday February 21st or Wednesday February 22nd (repeated session), from 11-11:30am in OCCC Room 231, as we discuss our joint effort and the resulting white paper.

Or email us at HealthcareCache@vmware.com to learn more, discuss your needs, and be eligible to receive a free vSAN Assessment and TCO Report.

This post was written in conjunction with Jonathan Butz from VMWare and Michael Consoli from InterSystems.