Ordering Kiosks Give Hardee’s a Tasty Solution for Satisfying Customers and Growing Sales


Today's consumers move at breakneck speed—which is one reason quick-service restaurants like Hardee's are so popular. And to stay out front, it's essential for those restaurants to keep finding new ways to delight customers and keep them coming back. Hardee’s did it by installing new quick-service customer ordering kiosks with 24-inch, touch-based screens. Instead of waiting in line, customers can see enticing images of what's on the menu and then order with a few quick taps on the screen. And since orders go directly to the kitchen, the food is ready sooner. It all means Hardee's can serve more customers and bring in more revenue.

Based on Industry-Standard Technology

Hardee's had investigated the idea of ordering kiosks a few years ago, but those available at the time were based on proprietary technology and too expensive to be practical.

The new kiosks Hardee's chose are based on a Dell OptiPlex all-in-one system equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processors and Windows Pro 8.1.


Using industry-standard technology like Windows gives Hardee's the flexibility to run other applications including software used by employees and managers. It's also convenient for software developers, who can use familiar programming environments, and for the restaurant's IT administrators, who can use existing Microsoft systems management tools.

The all-in-one form factor increases deployment flexibility, since Hardee's can mount the kiosks in a variety of places, depending on the layout of each restaurant.

Controlling Costs in the Future

With the success of the kiosks, Hardee's is now considering using all-in-one systems to gradually replace point-of-sale (POS) systems at the counter as a tasty solution for delivering an outstanding customer experience and controlling costs.

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