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Managing the Changing IT Landscape: A Revealing Look at Mobile Workers

It’s a fact that mobile devices have changed the way we work. But what’s interesting is how much.

Think about this: On any given day, most any worker can be reached somehow—whether it’s via a smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Texting is quickly edging out voice mail, and social media is putting e-mail and phone calls to bed. It’s a different working world, and evidence shows we won’t leave home without our trusty devices. (Confession: As I write this, I have four devices in my travel bag: laptop, smart phone, tablet, and music player.)

6,000 other business travelers confess (and haul around a lot of devices)

CIO Insight shares the details. In 2012, the hotel chain Four Points by Sheraton commissioned a survey to investigate how business travelers are using mobile devices. The survey included 6,000 workers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, India, and Brazil. Some key findings about the respondents:

·         55% travel with three or four mobile devices.

·         65% bring tablets with them while traveling.

·         68% use tablets more than laptops while on the go.

One device strikes the balance

But why do we carry so many? For me, these devices serve different purposes, and clearly, many others agree. And if nearly 7 in 10 of us are more likely to use tablets when we travel, it’s the form factor.

There’s a better way: The Ultrabook™ convertible is a two-in-one device that offers the best of both worlds—a business laptop for drafting longer e-mails and documents, creating presentations, building a spreadsheet, etc.; and a sleek tablet for reading an article, watching a video, perusing e-mail, or staying in touch socially. These “transformer” models have detachable touch screens and other mechanisms that make it easy to switch from tablet to PC or back again—eliminating the need to haul around two devices. It also reduces the cost burden for businesses and the support requirements for IT organizations. Check out the Ultrabook for business.

How many devices do you travel with for business, pleasure, or both?

What capabilities are you looking for in your next device purchase?

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